Nutrimin Services


  • Training and Support for clients (Nutrimin based)
  • Field Trials, Yield Determinations and Predictions (Nutrimin based)

Other Services of Agmin

Agmin Chelates strives to be the leading supplier of agricultural micronutrient technology and products. Our commitment to development is reflected in our customer service. Agmin provides extensive technical assistance and laboratory service for the determination of soil and plant nutrient status. Our technical service is complimented by free analysis kits available for soil and plant testing.

On completion of AGLAB analytical testing, plant and/or soil nutrient deficiencies can be assessed and advice given on how to rectify any short-comings. Products can then be formulated to satisfy the specific needs of individual customers. An efficient supply and distribution system ensures that products are delivered to your door in the shortest possible time frame.

A commitment to quality means that Agmin is constantly updating its technology. The company builds on the latest research published in the fields of plant nutrients and soil science. New products and services are developed regularly to meet market needs by utilising the best available technology from world-wide sources in research and materials manufacture.

Agmin Chelates has demonstrated its commitment to quality by designing high-performance products with guaranteed results in increased yield, quality and productivity of plants. Agmin’s Algicides and Plant Nutrients must pass strict quality control procedures before they are released for despatch. Each batch of product is guaranteed to conform to specifications and efficiency in performance.

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