Nutrimin Pasture Sprays


Nutrimin Pasture Spray is designed to produce healthy pastures whilst supplying trace elements to your livestock just as nature intended it… via your pastures.

Minerals are inorganic (not of plant or animal origin) elements required by the body for optimum growth and proper muscle and nerve function. In addition, they are essential components of body enzymes, hormones, and cells. Recommended mineral levels are not constant; they vary with changing production, body size, environment, and other dietary factors. It is necessary to know a ruminant’s physiological status to calculate its true mineral needs.

How can you tell if mineral requirements are not being met or are not balanced?
In most cases, problems will first be observed in the areas of animal health and reproduction. The impact will not be immediate.

Many mineral deficiencies are noticed only after a prolonged period of underfeeding has occurred. Although it may take time for clinical symptoms of a mineral deficiency to appear, subclinical deficiencies may have been impairing optimum performance for quite some time. The primary exception to this rule is in the case of a mineral toxicity. At high levels, many minerals can be toxic.

Generally, supplemental trace minerals are supplied through inorganic sources, typically in the form of sulphates, phosphates, chlorides, carbonates, or oxide forms of the trace mineral. Some inorganic sources of trace minerals are more available than others (i.e. sulphates are generally more available than oxides).

Minerals are an integral part of any successful herd management program. Often, correcting an imbalance in mineral levels can solve a nagging problem by improving reproductive performance or animal health, with truly little additional cost.

Balancing trace elements in your fertiliser program is critical for your livestock, for various reasons:

COPPER is required for body, bone, wool growth, lactation, and reproduction. It is also required for pigmentation,
myelination of nerve fibres and leucocyte functions.
ZINC is required for the function of a large number of enzymes and is essential for reproduction and growth and
for normal protein synthesis and metabolism.
SELENIUM is required for Vitamin E absorption and retention, to prevent tissue degradation and fibrosis,
animal resistance to disease and the toxic effects of certain heavy metals such as calcium.
MANGANESE is required for reproduction, bone formation, growth and the metabolism of carbohydrates, lipids,
and amino acids.
COBALT is a required component of Vitamin B12. Rumen microbes synthesize Vitamin B12 from dietary cobalt.

As you can see livestock require these trace elements whether you are producing milk, meat, store or breeding stock or rearing calves, a convenient method of supplying trace elements to livestock via pastures.

Benefits of using Nutrimin Pasture Spray

▪ Strongly binded to dry or new growth pasture for high levels of intake.
▪ Trial results indicate a high efficiency of absorption by the grazing ruminants.
▪ Strip spraying is recommended for both dry and/or growing pasture.
▪ Increased nitrogen fixation by legumes.
▪ Increased microbial decomposition of organic matter.
▪ Improved physical structure of soils.

Nutrimin Pasture Spray


Copper (Cu)20.0 g/L
Zinc (Zn)20.0 g/L
Boron (B)10.0 g/L
Magnesium (Mg)10.0 g/L
Manganese (Mn)10.0 g/L
Molybdenum (Mo)2.0 g/L
Cobalt (Co)1.75 g/L
Selenium (Se)0.11 g/L
Iron (Fe)0.10 g/L
Sulphur (S)21.7 g/L
Humic/Fulvic Acid15.0 % w/v

Nutrimin Pasture Spray PLUS


Copper (Cu)25.0 g/L
Zinc (Zn)25.0 g/L
Boron (B)10.0 g/L
Magnesium (Mg)10.0 g/L
Manganese (Mn)20.0 g/L
Molybdenum (Mo)2.0 g/L
Cobalt (Co)3.0 g/L
Selenium (Se)0.25 g/L
Iron (Fe)0.10 g/L
Sulphur (S)28.0 g/L
Humic/Fulvic Acid15.0 % w/v


Rotational Grazing: Apply recommended application rates of NUTRIMIN PASTURE SPRAY five to seven days prior to grazing. Ideally, sufficient areas should be sprayed to ensure three days continual grazing.

Set Grazing: Apply recommended application rates to 10% of block size. If possible, apply 5 to 7 days prior to stock entering paddocks.

General Application Rates

Slight Deficiency (Maintenance): 5.0 L/Ha
Moderate Deficiency: 7.5 L/Ha
Severe Deficiency: 10.0 L/Ha

The application rates above are guidelines. Agmin always recommends consultation with your local agronomist to base the application rates on soil and plant tissue testing, paddock history, environmental factors, soil conditions, and crop type.

Product codes:

Nutrimin Pasture Spray

20 Litre: AGB0060
200 Litre: AGB0059
 1000 Litre: AGB0058


Nutrimin Pasture Spray PLUS

20 Litre: AGB6057
200 Litre: AGB6058
 1000 Litre: AGB6059


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