Nutrimin Drench


Nutrimin’s unique formulation has overcome problems in trace element supplementation for livestock. Nutrimin is able to supplement trace elements which are more readily absorbed into the ruminants metabolic storage systems without detrimental side effects. This is achieved by employing an amino acid and peptide based chelation process in the formulation of Nutrimin.

Nutrimin is designed to target commonly deficient nutrients that are vital for maximizing your animals production:

  • Cobalt in Nutrimin is a required component of Vitamin B12.
  • Copper in Nutrimin is required for body, bone, wool growth, lactation and reproduction.
  • Manganese in Nutrimin is required for reproduction, bone formation, and growth
  • Selenium in Nutrimin is required for Vitamin E absorption and retention, to prevent tissue degradation and fibrosis.
  • Zinc in Nutrimin is required for the function of a large number of enzymes and is essential for reproduction and growth.

Please refer to the back label of Nutrimin Drench for dosage rates.


Copperas Copper Proteinate3.500 g/l
Zincas Zinc Methionine5.200 g/l
Manganeseas Manganese Gluconate4.500 g/l
Cobaltas Cobalt Proteinate2.000 g/l
Seleniumas Selenomethionine1.000 g/l
Sulphuras Sulphamino Acids1.900 g/l
Magnesiumas Magnesium: leucine5.100 g/l
Ironas Ferrous Gluconate0.050 g/l
Iodineas (+) 3,5 Diiodotyrosine0.100 g/l
Boronas Sodium Lignoborate0.050 g/l
Glycerineas 1,2,3-Propanetriol100.0 g/l
Crude Protein Equivalentas Amino Acids62.50 g/l

Nutrimin Drench is a Supplement for Sheep and Cattle; to increase dietary intake of certain trace minerals where intake by livestock may be low.  Nutrimin employs a unique chelation process to assist in mineral uptake.

Product codes:

20litre20 Litre: AGB0066
200litre200 Litre: AGB0065
1000litre 1000 Litre: AGB0064


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